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You Are Beautiful Too!

Do you know that you are beautiful?

And it has nothing to do with what you look like, or how much you weigh, or whether you wear the latest fashions.

Your beauty is eternal and unchangeable. You were made beautiful.

You have only to embrace this truth, begin to see your own worth.

Only then can you see the beauty that lies within everyone and everything else.

The eyes we turn towards ourselves, are the eyes that we turn toward others.

See your own beauty!

“My Inner Lioness”

On a recent trip to Mexico, I found myself singing the song “You Are Beautiful!” by Christina Aguilera. Over and over it came bubbling out of my mouth, while I walked on the beach, went for a swim, or just sat in the warm sunshine. Clearly I was meant to pay attention. It was then I felt the inner lioness move within me for the first time. I think she was always there, but I wasn’t paying attention. She reminded me that she is me. That I am strong. That I am fierce. That I am beautiful.


I met this beautiful creature as she walked towards me on the beach, the light of the rising sun making her spectacular hair flow, like some exotic bird. Fitting that her name is Joy, because she radiated joy with every fibre of her being. We had a lovely conversation and then she wandered off down the beach, leaving me basking in the glow of our encounter. Isn’t life amazing?


This is Miguel! Miguel was our personal resort concierge. I know it was his job, but he was so incredibly kind to us during our time at the resort. When I gave the portrait to him, he was thrilled. He said he was going to frame it and hang it in his mother’s house. He is such as kind soul. I think he must have learned that from his momma!

Kindness – James Finley

James Finley is one of my favourite people. I have never met him in person, but have taken a course, where he was one of the instructors. James is part of Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation. He is such a beautiful and kind soul. 

My Creative Process

  • I talk to random people that I find interesting in some way: their face, profile, the way they express themselves, their hair, the way they dress.  There are so many interesting things to notice if you pay attention.  (And you would be surprised at how willing people are to talk to a stranger.)  
  • We engage in conversation and I tell them about my project.  
  • I ask if I can take their picture, and we exchange contact information.
  • I go and make the drawing of them.
  • I send it to them. Because, they are beautiful too.  
  • We could all use more of that kind of messaging in our lives and in this world!  

You are beautiful too! Remember that!