Valerie Wiebe is a Canadian landscape artist, a gospel music singer/songwriter and a designer of interiors and exterior spaces. Valerie lives on a farm in rural Saskatchewan and is inspired by the beautiful prairie sky and the vast landscapes that she calls home, with a deep and enduring faith in the creator of it all. Valerie is all about empowerment and encouragement. She has degrees in Music, Art Education, Fine Arts and Interior Architecture and Design.

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Are you looking for that perfect work of art for your home? Valerie Wiebe can help you navigate the process of finding the perfect artwork to compliment any space or a custom piece to commemorate a special event or occasion. Whether it is a commission or one of her original artworks, there is a special work of art here just for you.


September 2019

“Born and raised in Toronto, I always knew my paternal grandmother (b1889) was from Quebec. During my 40 years on PEI, I learned she was from Gaspe, and Michael and I often talked about visiting. Michael had a “Grain” meeting this summer in Quebec City and we decided to make a couple day stop in Gaspe on our way, to see what we could find. I was on a mission.

A fair amount of time had been spent on google, on genealogy sites, tracking down my ‘Sweeney’ and ‘Carbonneau’ ancestors. I found my great grandparents and they’re burial at St. Georges de Malbaie RC church, just north of Perce.

Michael and I found the church and cemetery in a beautiful location, very hilly and overlooking the ocean. Many ancestors were buried there. A lot of them. It was a very surreal moment for me.

We moved on to Quebec City for Michael’s meetings, where I met Valerie and Doyle. While the guys were at meetings, Valerie and I toured Old Quebec, mostly the arts area. She gave me her card and told me she was an artist, and it’s was very evident that we had the same taste in art, we appreciated the same styles and subjects.

Few days home, I looked up Valerie’s website and was blown away by her art. It was exactly what I would have bought , if seen in Quebec. A light came on that Valerie could capture “my church and cemetery” perfectly. I have never felt the need to commission a painting and this was all new to me.

I called Valerie and we talked about her works that I was so impressed with, which lead to the possibility of “my church and cemetery” coming to life. With the help of a few google images, we talked about the location, which was very important to me. Valerie sent me 2 preliminary sketches that we discussed and altered a bit until my vision of the location was realized. It was clear as a bell that she wanted to see what I saw, and she did. This experience was very exciting that I shared with my family every step of the way.

We all need to know where we came from and my beautiful painting is now on my wall in PEI as a reminder, and I’m very thankful of my meeting with Valerie, that I don’t really think was by accident."

 - Gail


Spruce River Folk Festival, 2019

Spruce River Folk Festival, 2019

Valerie Wiebe has been writing and performing her original music since she was a little girl, where she learned to sing with her family, especially with her siblings - 3 sisters and a brother; performing in churches, schools and special events. Valerie wrote her first song at the age of twelve. She is a classically trained singer and plays both guitar and piano.

“My song writing process varies. Sometimes the song comes fully formed. It feels like the lyrics and music are simply downloaded into my brain. Those are special songs. But other times it is a phrase that is the inspiration and I have to work hard to bring it to life—the song is won through a long drawn out process. And on occasion, it is the tune that comes first. When that happens, it is really a process of listening, playing that melody over and over until the words become clear; kind of like an archaeological site. The words are there, I just have to uncover them.“


Wiebe home and yard, 1919 - present.

Wiebe home and yard, 1919 - present.

Have you ever stood at the paint display in a hardware store and felt overwhelmed by all the choices? There are so many options to consider when creating a new space or renovating an existing one. Valerie can help you narrow down the choices and help you discover your own unique style.

“I am not going to do the work for you, but I am going to give you the confidence to be able to do it yourself.”

Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor space, Valerie Wiebe has the knowledge, insight and skill to help you make your design dream into reality.

Valerie Wiebe - Artist C.V.