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Station Arts Centre

Studio Sessions with Valerie Wiebe

Studio Sessions is a unique part of the programming at the Station Arts Centre and allows us to visit with artists in their spaces. We went out to Valerie Wiebe’s farm near Langham, SK where the Director of Programming, Nicole Thiessen chatted with Valerie about her life as an artist, her inspiration and artistic process. We even got to sneak up into her studio to see her most recent works.

Canadian Mennonite Saskatchewan Correspondent

“Her parents called her Dynamite.”

Although she didn’t care for the nickname when she was a child, Valerie Wiebe has come to appreciate its layers of meaning. The Langham, Sask., artist says that when she looked up the etymology of “dynamite,” she learned that the prefix “dyna” describes “something with the potential for an explosion of energy,” while the word “mite” describes something very small. In a way, this is how Wiebe sees herself, as a small individual with the potential for a big explosion of energy.

— Donna Schulz | Saskatchewan Correspondent

Canadian Mennonite

Calgary Art Market

“When I go to shows or sales or I have a show in a gallery, it’s that interaction with other people and hearing what they say about my work; how it makes them feel, and in seeing their response, it’s that connection, that human connection, that’s probably the thing I like the most.”

— Valerie Wiebe to Vlad Labuda,

Calgary Art Market, 2019


“Artist Valerie Wiebe crafts beautifully patterned frames to surround her impressionistic landscapes, adding to the story behind her paintings.”

— Artsy Shark