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Saskatchewan Open Farm Days

Wedew Farm Days and Wiebe Works Open Farm Days Offerings

Join us for a FREE to attend and immersive and educational experience at Wiebe Works and Wedew Farm Days! Explore the rich history, modern practices, and future goals of our family farm, as well as enjoy a tour of our vibrant venue. Tours begin every hour on the hour (11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm, 4:00pm).

Farm Tour:

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt with Prizes: Fun for all ages, discover and capture the beauty of the farm.
  • The What, How, and Why of Modern Farming: Gain insights into the intricacies of contemporary agriculture.
  • History of the Wiebe Family Farm: Learn about our 120-year legacy.
  • What Do We Grow?:
    • Discover our 4 grains and their role in the food chain.
    • Learn about the genetics and science behind crop varieties.
    • Understand the benefits and changes of new crop varieties.
  • How Do We Grow Our Crops?:
    • Explore our farming system and the equipment we use.
    • Learn about the technology in our machines and how we manage risks like weather, pests, markets, and storage.
    • Get up close with our equipment: tractor, sprayer, seed drill, combine, and bins.
  • Why Do We Do What We Do?:
    • Discover our commitment to feeding the world, improving the soil and environment, and competing globally.
    • Learn about our sustainable practices: solar panels, green lighting fertilizer, minimum tillage, and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Treaty Land Sharing Network: Understand our participation in this important initiative and its significance.

Wiebe Works Venue Tour:

  • Wiebe Works Gallery Open: Explore the art gallery featuring local artists.
  • Event Venue Tour: Discover our unique venue with its stage, garden, art exhibits, bus, labyrinth, compostable bathrooms, and more.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt with Prizes: Another chance to win while exploring the venue.
  • What is Growing in Our Garden: Taste and learn about our garden produce.
  • Live Local Music: Enjoy performances by talented local musicians.
  • Fresh Produce for Sale: Purchase rhubarb, corn, and tomatoes (subject to availability, prices to be announced).
  • Baked Goods for Sale: Try our delicious garden produce baking, including rhubarb muffins (gluten-free and dairy-free options available, prices to be announced).
  • Field Lunch for Sale: Indulge in watermelon and rollkuchen (fried dough), prices to be announced.
  • Washrooms and Handwash Stations: We are offering both regular and accessible bathroom options for guests.

Event Promotion:

  • Upcoming Events:
    • Around the Table: A Chef’s Dinner with The Saskatoon Club and Chef John Costanzi – August 17
    • Acting for Change: A Social Drama Workshop – Aug 24/25
    • Songs in The Garden: A Songwriting Workshop – June 7 2025
    • Art in The Garden Festival – June 14 2025

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with the land, learn about modern farming, enjoy local art, and experience the community spirit of Wiebe Works. Come and enjoy a day filled with fun, education, and inspiration!