Are you working on creating a more inviting space in your home or yard?  Are you feeling overwhelmed by the choices?  "What color should I paint this room?  Should I use hardwood or laminate flooring?  What plants should I put in this area of the garden?  Help, I don't know where to start."

There are so many choices when it comes redesigning your home and yard it is often difficult to know where to start.  I can help narrow down the list, and assist you in discovering your own unique style.  Here is what people are saying about my design services.

Ready to make your design ideas come to life?

My husband grew up loving the stories of Winnie the Pooh and wanted our baby room to have a Classic Winnie the Pooh theme. We looked and looked for wall decals and such that had the Classic look to them, but everything was Disney. Val offered to take an iconic picture out of the original story books and do a mural for us. From set up to tear down it took her just over four hours and it looks FANTASTIC. My husband was overjoyed and still stops to look at it every time he goes into the baby room.
— Angelique
We were thrilled with how the ‘treehouse’ bookshelf turned out in our son’s room. It was an awkward space that Val transformed into something that was beautiful AND useful. We show it off whenever we get the chance.
— Kelsey
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Working with Val was such a joy. Her vivacious personality and passion for all things garden and design permeates her work. She gave me the confidence I needed to make an investment in a garden that would survive given the challenges of our prairie climate, and that is truly beautiful . Her professionalism and creativity made my dream a reality and I am so grateful.

-Olivia Chadwick
After coordinating a major kitchen renovation, I had my entire condo refreshed with a new coat of paint. With this face lift, it became apparent that my living room needed to be updated as well but, unlike my confidence with the choices I had made with the kitchen, I didn`t know what direction to take when it came to upgrading my living room.

Valerie came to the rescue. We began our discussions over a relaxing lunch where she casually asked me questions that got me thinking about what type of decor I prefer and, conversely, what kinds of things I don`t appreciate as much. This conversation was somewhat enlightening for me as I began to identify my own tastes – something I had rarely thought about before. Our afternoon continued at my condo where we looked closely at the space and talked generally about the types of furniture pieces on which we might want to focus. Valerie then left me with a stack of home décor and interior design magazines and suggested I peruse them and take note of the items that I found attractive and/or interesting.

A week later, we met to discuss my responses to the magazine exercise. I was a bit embarrassed to admit that I had found only a few items and room displays that I found appealing. When I apologized for that, Valerie did not appear concerned at all. In fact, she seemed pleased that I was attracted to even a few things – we now had a clearer idea of which décor category would now be the basis of our search. Then we went shopping. I was somewhat overwhelmed in the large furniture store and found myself bouncing around from one concept to another but Valerie kept bringing me back to the styles, colours and functionality I had identified as my preferences.

Although I finally ordered furniture on my own a few weeks later, Valerie’s influence along with her insight and careful suggestions helped me to make my own decisions with confidence.

- Norma Deaver

A few examples of design concepts and renderings!