Anatomy of Nature Series

The world is full of a vast variety of plants and animals. But what is the most interesting about all this variety, is how it is all very much alike. Everything in the world is made up of the same stuff, just in a different configuration—like small puzzle pieces that can be combined in an infinite number of ways. That is incredible. This series explores the anatomy of fauna in the landscape and draws attention to how all of creation is woven together from the same building blocks, how the same patterns are repeated over and over in different ways. What an amazing world we live in.


Big Earth Series

We live in a big world.  In Saskatchewan, that sense of expansiveness is even more pronounced, with our wide swathes of sky and vast horizons in all directions.  Standing in the rural landscape in which I live, I find myself feeling both a sense of awe and an awareness of my own insignificance.  The pieces in this Big Earth series, explore the relationship between the landscape and our own fragility.  Many of the paintings are loosely based on scripture, but the emotions evoked by the small figures and the immense vistas, are universal to the human condition.  We all experience joy, sorrow, a longing to be included, and to feel like our lives matter. Sometimes it is our own inner landscape that we wrestle with the most, our regrets from the past, our fear of today, our anxieties about tomorrow.  The solutions to our struggles are often just a matter of perspective.





Called Out Series

This series of works was inspired by the first painting, Called Out.  I had been doing some reading on what it means to be the body of Christ and was inspired to create an image that would represent my thoughts – that we are called to be the body, not the church, of Christ, that it isn’t the structures that define us, but the relationships.  The following four paintings, continue the story that is presented in Called Out, from the mountain, to the exile in Babylon, and the continuing journey, as well as a night scene showing all the numerous stars, but God’s presence even in the night.  The landscape is sparse and the sky alive, much like the area of Saskatchewan where I grew up.  The human figures are tiny, mere lines, in a vast space, speaking to our existence in this world, and drawing attention to the awesomeness of our God.  But the presence of God is always there, in the sun and in the moon, and in how He leads his people out and onward.


Prairie Flower Series

Saskatchewan is a province of extremes - cold winters, hot summers, broad horizons and expansive skies.  The plants and animals that are native to this place, have been tested by Mother Nature and developed an amazing array of coping strategies to survive their environment.  The six pieces in this collection explore a few of Saskatchewan's many wildflowers and their relationship with the world around them.  Unlike many tropical flowers, Saskatchewan wildflowers are small--tiny even.  You have to get out of your car, and sometimes even down on your knees if you want to see them.  But their ability to adapt to and thrive in our harsh climate is astonishing, their symbiotic relationships with insects, astounding.  There is inspiration and profound meaning to be had, if only we take the time to look closely.